Why Global Leadership Forum?

Why Global Leadership Forum?

Due to COVID-19 we have created a 5-week Global Leadership Forum Virtual Exchange on the Constructive Engagement of Conflict. This program is completely online and still connects youth from around the world. To learn more and apply, click the “Apply” buttons on our pages. Email GLF@uwc-usa.org for any questions or inquiries.

— GLF Team

If you want to solve real world problems you are passionate about, then GLF is for you. Changing the world means that we need more confident leaders dedicated to social justice and sustainability. We need leaders who will face the challenges of the world and who know how to design projects, build communities, and foster conversations that will move us all forward.

Our approach is to immerse our students in experiential activities to empower them to become leaders who don’t just identify problems – they solve them! In the process of learning to create change, they connect with a global network and find a voice that others respect and admire. We challenge our students to step outside of their comfort zones, adjust their paradigms, and harness the energy and power within the community to foster social justice.

“Thanks for a great experience for our daughter. She learned and struggled and grew over the three weeks and feels much more capable and prepared to pursue her project.” – Parent of a 2018 Participant

Participants routinely point to the following ways that they grew as a result of their GLF experience:

  • Increased confidence
  • Greater self-awareness
  • More resilience
  • Increased empathy
  • New global perspectives
  • More friends

“This program was phenomenal for our daughter – she came back confident and curious about the world. We can’t thank you enough.” Parent of a 2017 Participant

Our staff are more than just camp counselors, facilitators, or leaders, they are:

  • Experienced
  • Educated
  • Trained
  • Passionate

Our staff mentor our students to make sure they have a positive and empowering learning experience. They serve as inspiring role models to students who need courageous global citizens and people in their lives to emulate and support them going forward.

“I’m deeply grateful to the team for all their incredible hard work and for giving our son this life-changing experience. He has come back a different person – with a new outlook on the world and has made so many deep, lasting connections.” – Parent of a 2018 Participant


"We love this program, the global challenges it addresses and the insights, maturity and passion our children came away with about being strong females who want to change the world. It is a very encouraging program for youth today."

— GLF 2018 Parent