March Workshops

March workshops

The March workshops provide 16 hours of International Baccalaureate training for new and experienced teachers and leaders with a focus on the PYP and MYP programs, but also include some transdisciplinary courses under the area of IB Education. They can also benefit teachers with only one or two years of IB experience as well as experienced IB teachers in disciplines with changing curriculum. The workshops explore IB subject curricula, teaching methods, the process of assessment, and the examination format.

We offer three categories of workshops:

Category 1 is for those teachers either from schools who have decided to apply for International Baccalaureate authorization or who are new to the IB. Experienced IB teachers in applicant schools may attend these workshops to help their school with the application process.

Category 2 is for teachers who have completed Category 1 training and/or whose schools have an authorized IB program.  

Category 3 workshops are an opportunity to explore a subject area more deeply or address schoolwide, continuum themes. 

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