Bartos Institute

Bartos Institute

The Bartos Institute for the Constructive Engagement of Conflict is a program area that serves students at UWC-USA and the wider community. Kurt Hahn’s original vision for the UWC’s was to place high school aged students together, provide them with challenging academics and experiential education programs, and their innate similarities will result in relationships and bridges between cultures. The Bartos Institute seeks to serve as a catalyst in this process by providing students a formal program that builds the skills of peacemaking, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and collaboration.

In other words, we don’t want to leave it to chance that students will develop these skills just by proximity and by virtue of being on campus.

We invite you to explore our current program areas where much of our work resides. We also invite you to become engaged with the work of the Bartos Institute by subscribing to our online journal, signing up for our e-newsletter, or exploring how to partner with us.

• Beyond Borders
• Multiple Identities
• Climate Resilience
• Restorative Justice
• Democratic Engagement



hours of community service by UWC-USA students and faculty annually


project week and southwest studies trips planned annually


of first-year students participate in the CEC/Bartos retreat


students from other schools around the Southwest attend the Annual Conference

Bartos Overview

The Bartos Institute for Constructive Engagement of Conflict serves students on campus and also advances the skills of peacemaking and conflict resolution across the UWC movement and around the world.


Learn more about workshops and virtual sessions available to UWC alumni and friends. We are offering workshops throughout the summer. Join us!

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