Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

While UWC-USA provides extensive services and support for students, our staff also emphasizes the importance of “living well.”

Good eating, sleeping, and study habits go a long way to help students manage the change of coming to Montezuma and the academic pressures they face. Our Dining Hall serves both as a place where our community comes together and where we eat delicious food. 

Additionally, there is a wide range of physical activities available–from yoga to squash to a climbing wall in the field house–that provide students with outlets for physical exercise.

With two professional counselors on staff and an on-call nurse available around the clock, students who need additional help or assessment can get it. For more specialized care, students are often referred to outside medical resources in Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Our faculty undergo CPR and first aid training every year and many are also Wilderness First Responders who are trained to help manage basic first aid issues in the field.

UWC-USA considers the safeguarding of our students to be its highest priority and has implemented a variety of policies and procedures to make sure students are safe from harm. For more information on our safeguarding procedures including reporting concerns, please follow this link.

“How can there be peace without people understanding each other; and how can this be if they don’t know each other?”