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C L O S U R E: Student Dance Video

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Reflections on Bathrooms and Friends: Commencement Speech 2019

Commencement Speech – May 25, 2019 Morgan Bakinowski ‘19 UWC-USA In accordance with campus wide consensus, the Kili dormitory bathroom is quite a vile place. Leaky shower heads drip into...

Five Things Everyone Can Do to Live the Sustainability Part of the UWC Mission

UWC Mission Statement: “UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” As a part of UWC-USA’s experimental education (exed) program, the...

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UWC-USA President Writes Letter to Department of Homeland Security

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Viewbook 2020

Want to see what happens at UWC-USA? Check out our Viewbook to see what students do and where they live. Learn more about the application, scholarships, and eligibility here.

The Wakashio Oil Spill Devastating to Mauritius

Mauritius, a popular holiday destination in the Indian Ocean, known for its beautiful beaches, is currently facing a severe environmental crisis. On the 25th of July, the MV Wakashio bulk...

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