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Five Things Everyone Can Do to Live the Sustainability Part of the UWC Mission

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Reflections on Project Week: Tucson and the Border

[This is a student reflection of a Project Week Trip from March 2019. Students drove from Montezuma, NM to Tucson, AZ to learn about and hear the many perspectives of...

Mangrove Project – Morgan Bakinowski ’19

Morgan Bakinowski ’19 developed and implemented a mangrove restoration project in her home community recently that involved (in true UWC fashion) education for local students, volunteerism for community members, and...

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A Transformative Education

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Walk the Walk

“WALK THE WALK” Rashna Ginwalla ’95 Knowing is not enough; we must apply Willing is not enough; we must do —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe I became a surgeon because I...

Really Going Green

It has become quite cliché for UWC graduates to talk about how their two years as a student were the most formative in their lives. And yet, I also want...

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