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Shrin Ebadi: Battling for Rights

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Willy Brandt: A Power Fully in the Service of Peace

In a series titled Nobel Perspective, UWC-USA students and recent alumni reflect on the Nobel Acceptance Speeches of past Nobel Peace Prize winners. They explore how the Nobel Laureate’s view...

A Bat Made Our Year Fly Away Too Fast

When in March 2020 the school closed down, I was heartbroken, as were many of my co-years and second-years. I could have had more sleepovers. I could have gone to...

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Into the Woods, Into Adulthood

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Welcome Ceremony Remarks: Victoria Mora

The 2020/21 Welcome Ceremony was held in February of 2021 because of concerns about gatherings during the pandemic. The ceremony affords second-year students an opportunity to welcome first-year students. Dr....

Social Movements During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nadejda Marques ’90 shared her thoughts on human rights during the pandemic and answered student questions during an MLK weekend workshop on January 17, 2021. Nadejda is a specialized human...

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