IB Teacher Education

IB Teacher Education

Join UWC-USA’s IB Teacher Workshops in March or during the summer for an outstanding professional and personal development opportunity.

UWC-USA has been a leader in IB teacher training for decades training thousands of IB teachers and administrators across the U.S. and around the world. We employ top workshop leaders from the strongest, most established IB schools worldwide for all of our Workshops, ensuring that teachers get the best instruction possible. While teachers enjoy the challenge and rigor of the workshops, they also forge strong ties to instructors and other attendees creating a network of professionals to rely on, collaborate with, and connect with in the future.

For questions, please email workshops@uwc-usa.org, or call 505-426-3361.

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first year UWC-USA, one of the first IB schools in the U.S., opened its doors

International Baccalaureate Teacher Training Workshops

Learn more about the IB teacher workshops offered by our outstanding workshop leaders in January, March, and in the summer. They bring the latest information and tactics from the IB and participants learn from new colleagues and friends from across the U.S. and around the world.


UWC-USA is excited to announce that workshops will be held on campus in Montezuma this summer. Online workshops will be offered as well.

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