Community Service

Community service

Students and faculty at UWC-USA want to make the world a better place and there’s no reason we should wait until students graduate before getting started.


Community service is a fundamental element of the International Baccalaureate program and UWC-USA students and faculty perform over 17,000 hours of community service in Las Vegas and San Miguel County every year. We see service as a completion of the UWC mission because it represents not just the attitudes and values we’re trying to cultivate but the action we believe in. Students participate in campus service, work with homeless shelters in nearby Las Vegas, NM, work with teens in a local state hospital, tutor Spanish in the local schools, and much more. Service helps our students form relationships with local nonprofits and residents, giving students yet another opportunity to form connections with people with different stories and backgrounds.



“Instead of defining “close to home” as being within my country, I found that looking at the world as one community [the UWC-USA community] helped me to realize the importance of all the problems people face. Knowing and fully understanding a problem is always the first step to resolving it.”