Events and Workshops

Events and Workshops

Throughout the year, the Bartos Institute hosts public programming for educators, activists, leaders and change agents from around the region and across the globe.

From monthly, 90-minute virtual sessions to an annual 3-day conference on campus, the Bartos Institute presents panel discussions, lectures, interactive workshops and educational seminars in service of building a conscious community rooted in an ethos of intercultural dialogue, constructive engagement of conflict, and ecological sustainability. Our public programs aim to build not just the ideals but also the skills of peacemaking, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and collaboration.

The students and faculty of UWC-USA's Bartos Institute conducted outstanding DEI workshops on our campus in the summer of 2019. The workshops were well-planned and executed and our students, faculty, and community members were very pleased with the content, their professionalism, and the overall focus of the program. Given the success of our partnership, we have invited the Bartos Institute leadership team to return and build on last year’s great work.

SYSTEMS SHIFT: The 2021 UWC-USA Annual Conference will explore contemporary society through a systems lens, the practices and principles required for systemic change, and the work of leaders, innovators, and change-makers.  With both the guest speakers and peer learning groups, the conference is designed to increase participants’ capacity to effectively foster change within complex systems, and to clarify the next steps on a personal path of service.


For schools and educators, the Bartos Institute offers half to multi-day training workshops in Constructive Engagement of Conflict methodology and practices.

Programming can be delivered virtually or in person at host schools, in the following theme areas:

  1. Listening and Coaching
  2. Nonviolent Communication
  3. Difficult Conversations
  4. Leveraging Difference & Disagreement
  5. IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access
  6. Navigation Virtual Conflict & Community
  7. Bystander Intervention
  8. Restorative Justice & Repairing Harm
  9. Conflict Analysis: Needs, Interests, Negotiation

Through consultation with the host school, the Bartos Institute team will customize the program and support the learning journey, along with trained CEC student facilitators from around the world.

Bartos Institute Intensives provide participants with intimate access to world-class thought-leaders, practitioners, and educators, informed by CEC methodologies and the diverse, global perspective that is integral to UWC-USA and essential for leadership in our current times.

We invite educators and administrators to our Montezuma, NM campus for experiential, practical and tools-based summer programming.

Alumni, students, scholars, artists, thinkers and provocateurs join UWC-USA for regular virtual sessions on contemporary topics.

These sessions are free and open to the public.

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