March Courses

March courses

Primary & Middle Years Programs – March 2019

March 6 – 9, 2019

MYP Individuals and Societies: Delivering the MYP curriculum

MYP Arts – Visual: Delivering the MYP Curriculum

MYP Creating Authentic Units in MYP

MYP Physical and health education: Delivering the MYP curriculum

MYP Heads of School/IB Coordinators

MYP Sciences: Delivering the MYP curriculum

MYP Design: Delivering the MYP curriculum

MYP Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP [CANCELED]

MYP Building Partnerships with Parents [CANCELED]

PYP The role of science and social studies [CANCELED]

PYP The role of the coordinator

PYP The vital role of the teaching assistant in the PYP [CANCELED]

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“The virtue and the strength of UWC is that it provides small, but powerful cells of innovation, catalysts for change, breaking barriers of habit and opening broader vistas of experience for both pupils and educationalists.”

— Nelson Mandela, Former UWC President

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