Our Impact

Our impact

UWC-USA is more than a school on the edge of a beautiful mountain wilderness in New Mexico. And while our students go on to do remarkable things on local, national, and international stages all over the world, the most important change that occurs while they are here in Montezuma is actually quite simple: they learn how to connect, deeply at times, with people who are not necessarily like them. UWC-USA alumni are bridge-builders spanning cultures, countries, and customs that so often serve to divide people.

Some of our alumni teach classes in prisons in the U.S. while others are advocating for a greener economy in Nepal. Some are working for the World Health Organization and others are running organic farms. But all UWC-USA alumni share a passion for making the world a better place through music, policy, advocacy, entrepreneurship, science, or education. And they know that they are not the answer to these problems by themselves. They understand that the bridge-building skills they learned in the Pecos Wilderness or the resident houses or in their study groups here in Montezuma are the tools they use to build powerful coalitions with others who also want to solve the world’s most pervasive problems.

Learn more about our alumni and the remarkable ways they are transforming the world in big and small ways.


“I’m proud that for many years that we have recruited refugee scholars and have been successful in supporting them to become advocates for peace and to become leaders in their own communities.”