Meet Our Staff

Meet our staff

In addition to the extremely talented faculty who teach and learn alongside our students daily, a dedicated group of staff and administrators support student learning and the UWC mission on the playing fields, in the experiential education program, in the dormitories, the dining hall, and in support of the physical plant.

“Education is about individual accomplishment, but it is about so much more. It is about how individual accomplishment can be part of a better future for all.”

Abby Sussman

Director of Student Life

BA, creative writing, Ithaca College

MS, geography, Western Washington University


Adrian Carter

Farm Manager

Adrian Valdez


Alex Duran

Security Supervisor

Alexis Mamaux

IB Coordinator
If you had to choose one value or element of the UWC mission that you think is most important, which would it be?

The core UWC values seem to emanate from the power of idealism–and that’s what I find most compelling about the UWC mission. It is that idealism that brought these students so far from their homes, and it is an optimism and voracious desire to learn so that they can make significant change that truly sets us apart as a movement and has kept me at UWC-USA for so long.

Which tradition or annual event at UWC-USA holds particular meaning for you?

The Welcome Dinner is the one time in the two years where the school community gathers to celebrate both the community which we have all voluntarily joined and the cultural differences that are embodied by the national costumes. From the opening parade to the musical selections and food, there is this blend of all things UWC.


What quality do our students consistently display that you admire most?

In a climate where people have become more insular, our students represent the polar opposite of that. They are accepting of others, and embrace difference–seeking understanding while maintaining their own individualism.

What do you do routinely in your work to enhance or improve the educational experience of our students?

I love walking the classroom hallways. Rather than hurrying from one place to another, I find it incredibly instructive to pause and view our students engaged in learning. This gives me a snapshot of how individual students are doing. I also enjoy standing out in front of the Old Stone Hotel, watching as the students go from one class to the next; there is so much that I can see from their gait, posture, and facial expressions.


BA, Pennsylvania State University

MPIA, University of Pittsburgh


Allison Tomaso

Resident Coordinator

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