Global Leadership Forum -FAQs

Many of our instructors are alumni of UWC-USA or the other 17 UWCs around the world. They all have significant experience working in global settings in youth development, peace studies, and experiential education. Staff for the summer of 2023 will be announced in April of 2023.

Each Monday, Wednesday, Friday virtual session lasts two hours and will focus on activities driven by the GLF curriculum. Sessions will focus on advocacy, design thinking, challenging stereotypes, and other topics relevant to each participant’s project. Over the course of the two hours, participants will work in small groups (over Zoom) or participate in activities and discussions led by instructors.

Between sessions there are some assignments designed to set up discussions or further activities. Participants will also be developing projects to implement in their home communities. While they will receive guidance and support from the instructors, some of this work is completed outside the sessions.

Many UWC students attended GLF before applying to UWC. They found that GLF gave them a better idea of what UWC is all about. The admissions processes for GLF and regular UWC admissions are entirely separate. We feel strongly that the more you learn about UWC and the more global experiences you have the more you’ll know if you’re a fit for UWC. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about UWC, yourself, and become more engaged in your own community.