UWC-USA enrolls about 115 new students each year in our two-year program. About 25% of these students are from the US while the remaining students come from as many as 90 different countries around the world. Potential applicants should review the Who Should Apply section of this website to determine if UWC could be right for them.

Successful UWC-USA applicants are fundamentally curious. They’re curious about people from other parts of the world, about different cultures and languages, and about the way people with different points of view get along. They welcome challenges – both academic and personal – and they don’t mind the hard work it takes to build a positive community with others. And they believe that education is a force that goes beyond personal accomplishment.

All UWC students share a desire to make the world a better place. But on top of this desire is a strong inclination to do more than just talk about it. They recognize that there are many ways to live their values and they find ways to act on those values, extending what they learn in the classrooms, labs, and communities to their daily lives and careers beyond UWC. 

  • If you’re a curious, thoughtful, idealistic person who cares deeply about the big problems the world faces today, you should apply.
  • If you see things a bit differently than most of your peers do, you should apply.
  • If you want to make a positive change and be active in your own world, you should apply.

The application for admission for entry 2024 is now open. To apply, complete an application before January 1 or by November 1 if you wish to demonstrate early interest.

Applying for admissions at UWC-USA (and the other UWC schools and colleges) is different than admissions at more traditional boarding schools. Students do not apply to individual campuses. Instead they apply through over 160 National Committees or through a global selection process managed by the International Office. Please review the following sections of this site to understand our unique admissions processes.

  • Check out who should apply and the different ways to apply for admission to UWC-USA.
  • Learn more about our Davis Scholarships and tuition and fees for UWC-USA.
  • Many UWC-USA students attend a wide variety of colleges and universities around the world including some of the most prestigious schools. Learn more about university placement here.

“While at UWC I realized that true celebration of diversity doesn't always equal acceptance or even tolerance of the opinions, customs, and actions of others. It is more about constructively engaging - and sometimes disagreeing - with each other in an effort to fully understand where the other person is coming from.”