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Thinking about the Montezuma Castle, the hot springs, the endless nights of dayroom conversations? Or catching-up with your friends? Working with faculty and alumni, we have developed a great variety of opportunities for you to stay connected with us and your peers! 

Opportunities for on-campus engagement

Agroecology Research Center (ARC)

The new ARC aims to (1) train students and community members in the skills and techniques needed to practice sustainable agriculture in an arid environment, (2) provide a place for practical, hands-on work where students can learn new skills and discover meaningful application of their classroom learning, and (3) stimulate innovation by challenging students to think about new and different ways to approach problems such as pest management, habitat conservation, and waste management.

Alumni volunteers at the farm would likely be engaged in planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting, prepping food, helping farm animals, trail work and ecological restoration, as well as working alongside students. Alumni volunteers should have the following qualifications:

•  Willingness to perform manual labor that can be strenuous, tedious, or sometimes both

•  Experience working with plants preferred but not essential

•  Good sense of humor, willingness to improvise

•  Commitment to the principles of experiential education

•  If you are interested in volunteering at the ARC, please contact us.

CEC On Campus 

Connect with current students on Tuesday afternoon as the Constructive Engagement of Conflict (CEC) team meets to explore and discuss different current-day situations/topics. For alumni, this is an opportunity to share your experience managing conflict in small and large arenas. This 20-40 minute virtual conversation aims to:

•  Provide political education opportunities on campus

•  Teach about conflict styles, theory, and methodology

•  Research/teach about activism addressing different types of conflicts around the world

•  Connect with activist alumni who can share conflict case studies

Upcoming topics include: Boko Haram, Arab Spring, Mexican Drug War, Loss of Biodiversity, Gun Control in the U.S, Syrian Refugee Crisis, European Union, English Language in Japan. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this program.

Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables take place two to three times per semester on Tuesday evenings in the Student Center. UWC-USA students lead discussions on various topics with a focus on current events happening in their regions. Students research their topics and deliver presentations through a range of informational resources such as PowerPoints and videos. Presentations are followed by a Q&A session with the audience. Coffee Tables give students the opportunity to develop research skills, practice public speaking, enhance critical thinking, formulate ideas, and engage in conflict resolution. Presenters and audience members strengthen skills such as deep listening and respectful debate.

Coffee Tables are a great opportunity for students to engage and collaborate with UWC alumni. Alumni participate by sharing resources and joining the discussion either in person or via a vehicle such as Skype. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our next Coffee Table.

Fireside Chats

Hosted on campus, Fireside Chats are opportunities for ~30 students to hear a speaker (often an alum) on an interesting topic and have a discussion. These conversations serve as a venue for students to interact with alumni in an open space. If you are planning on coming to Montezuma this year, let us know so you can share your post-UWC journey with current students. If you are interested in nominating a peer, or yourself, contact the alumni relations office for more details. P.S. Cookies and hot chocolate are served during these chats!

Project Week 2018

At UWC-USA, spring break takes the form of Project Week, during which students choose from at least a dozen trips that allow focused, practical work around specific issues or interests. Last year, there were two Project Week trips organized by alumni. Ferguson, Missouri and New York City welcomed UWC-USA students who volunteered in various nonprofit organizations. These 10-day trips are required for all first-year students; second-year students may attend on a space-available basis. If you would like to host, help coordinate, or advise students in the development of projects for Project Week 2018, please contact us by November 1, 2017.

Southwest Studies 2019

Occurring in the first semester of each year, Southwest Studies trips give first-year students hands-on opportunities to learn about the region’s unique culture, history, and geography in new and often unexpected settings. Faculty members organize trips based on expertise and interest to produce a diverse array of Southwest Studies experiences. Recent excursions have included trips to the U.S.-Mexico border, hiking in the Grand Canyon, and an exploration of New Mexico’s local treasures, including the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Bandelier National Monument, and the Pecos Wilderness. While first-year students are off exploring, second-year students use the week to focus on completing their academic and college application tasks.

If you would like to host, help co-coordinate, or advise students/faculty in the development of projects for SWS 2018, please contact us by April, 2018.

Wilderness Program: Alumni Volunteer Instructor

If you loved your Wilderness Program experience as a student, and continued to foster that engagement beyond your two years at school, our Wilderness Program could use your help! Click here to learn about opportunities, qualifications, and moreContact us for specific dates and expeditions.

Alumni-in-Residence Fellowship Program

The AIR Fellowship Program benefits both alumni and UWC-USA by allowing alumni to work on campus for a semester or an academic year on school programs/initiatives related to their field of study, interests, and/or passions. The personal contact and day-to-day involvement of the fellow with our community will benefit our students by helping prepare them to become active and engaged alumni. Click here for more information.

Off-campus engagement opportunities

Annual Fund Committee

If you are a UWC-USA alumna/us, we invite you to help UWC-USA meet its Annual Fund goals! Volunteers use all forms of outreach—from email to phone calls—to raise money for scholarships, programs, materials, and more. Please contact the Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving  if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Class Agents

This opportunity is open to UWC-USA alumni who are interested in reaching out to members of their class to gather news and updates for Kaleidoscope and the Alumni Office. Please contact the Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.

Get-Away Family

You remember how necessary it was sometimes to get away from campus, meet other families, share traditions, and eat some homemade food. Get-Away families provide gracious friendship and connection for our students. The relationships that develop through the Get-Away Family Program are the foundation for intercultural understanding and forge strong ties between our local and global communities. If you live in New Mexico and would like to become a Get-Away Family, click here to learn more.

Internship Provider

Give a student or young alumna/us a taste of your profession by offering internships at your workplace. UWC-USA alumni, parents, alumni parents, Get-Away families, and friends of the school are welcome to participate. Internships for students must take place during winter or summer break. Please contact the Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving if you are interested in providing students with an internship.


UWC-USA alumni share their career knowledge and experience with fellow alumni and second-year students. Contact us at alumni@uwc-usa.org for more information.

Reunion Committee

USA-USA alumni celebrating their reunion year encourage classmates to attend and help plan activities. Contact the Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving for this volunteer opportunity.

UWC-USA Ambassadors

Advocate on behalf of UWC-USA! Ambassadors visit schools, make presentations, and serve as contact points in their local areas. Ambassadors can be alumni, current or alumni parents, or Get-Away families. Please contact us to learn more about this volunteer opportunity.

Do you have any other ideas? Contact Jose Pablo Rojas-Brewer '06 at jp.rojasbrewer@uwc-usa.org or call +1(505) 426-6414 

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UWC-USA students perform more than 18,700 hours of service every year through our association with 25 community partners. More than 2,500 people in Las Vegas, N.M. and the surrounding community have benefited from service projects led by UWC-USA students.


UWC-USA has 228 students representing more than 70 countries, from Armenia to Zimbabwe. Eleven students come from countries identified as conflict regions. Representation within our student body includes: Africa 10%, Asia 28%, Europe 29%, North America 23%, South America 10%.


Students don’t apply directly to the school; they are selected by committees in their home countries based on academic achievement, leadership, and curiosity about and involvement with global events and cultures.


Philanthropist Shelby Davis has created a $40 million endowment that provides 50 U.S. students with full scholarships to attend a UWC every year.


Our more than 3,357 UWC-USA alumni are spread across the globe: North America 26%, Latin America and Caribbean 16%, Africa 10%, Middle East 6%, Asia 14%, Europe 21%, Pacific 2%


UWC-USA offers the International Baccalaureate diploma program. Students can choose from IB classes in 28 subjects – a remarkable number given the size of the school.

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