Reunions and Events

Reunions and events

UWC-USA provides and promotes a variety of alumni reunions and events throughout the year for alumni to connect with each other, explore how their UWC experience has shaped them in the wider world, and to support the work of the school and the UWC mission.

Reunions occur every five years, although there are no 15 year reunions, and our most recent reunions have been so highly enrolled that we have had to hold two reunions on consecutive weekends to accommodate the tremendous demand. For those UWCers who like to plan ahead, the Reunion Year Schedule lets you know which summers graduating classes have reunions scheduled between now and 2028!

Getting to Montezuma from Austin is not so difficult, getting to Montezuma from Australia is another story. If business or other needs bring you to the U.S. in late July and it’s not actually your reunion year, please consider joining us anyway. Every reunion is open to any UWC-USA alumni.

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“At UWC-USA, I learned how to organize letter-writing drives, how to coordinate with other UWCs to create an international effort to support and have an alumnus released from prison, and how to start building an organization from the ground up.”