Alumni Impact Award

Alumni Impact Award

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of The Giulio Regeni Alumni Impact Award is to recognize UWC-USA’s alumni who have made substantial contributions and created impact in the local, national, or global community, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and professional career honor the UWC mission. This award further illustrates the great value of the UWC education beyond the two years at UWC-USA, and celebrates the lifelong connection and stewardship responsibility as alumni to UWC-USA.

About Giulio Regeni ’07

Giulio Regeni ’07 was an Italian citizen and a doctoral student at Cambridge University in the UK. He was conducting his Ph.D. research on the formation of independent trade unions, specifically the street vendors’ union, in Egypt after the fall of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. He was in Cairo conducting field research when on January 25, 2016, the fifth anniversary of the “25 January Revolution,” he disappeared. His body was found nine days later.

Eligible Nominees

All UWC-USA alumni are eligible to be nominated for this award.

Method of Nomination

Nominations may be made for The Alumni Impact Award by any alumnus/alumna of UWC-USA. Nominators must complete the online nomination form and are encouraged to submit supporting documentation possibly including:

  • Letters of support
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Personal stories
  • Awards or certificate of achievements
  • Other items of interest
  • Other guidelines for the award:

Additional Details

  • One nomination per individual will be considered.
  • The name of the nominator will not be disclosed.
  • If the current President and Board Chair are alumni, they may not be nominated and may not nominate an individual.
  • Letters of support may be submitted by anyone with the exception of the President and Board Chair of UWC-USA.

Please contact with any questions.

Follow this link for bios of previous award winners.

2024 – Dr. Yessika Moreno Ramirez ’92

2023 – Emma Tucker ’85 (UK)

2022 – Ashindi Maxton ’93 (USA)

2021 – Dr. Ruben Ayala ’92 (Panama)

2020 – Rene Celaya ’88 (USA)

2019 – Len Necefer ’07 (USA)

2018 – Leonoor “Noor” Cornelissen ’10 (The Netherlands)

2017 – Bhushan Tuladhar ’87 (Nepal)

2016 – Dr. Julie Lyn Hall ’84 (United Kingdom)

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