Alumni Visiting UWC-USA

Alumni visiting UWC-USA

We welcome UWC alumni to return to Montezuma to re-engage with the UWC-USA community. We hope that your time on campus reignites the UWC passion you felt when you were a student and helps you extend that into your post-UWC life.

Given that we are an active boarding school, please check with Jose Pablo Rojas-Brewer ’06, Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving, at when planning your visit.

There are many events on campus that are open to the public and alumni are encouraged to attend:

November 23, 2019 Cultural Showcase “COLOR”

December 9 Winter Concert

February 20-23 Annual Conference

March 7 Cultural Showcase “MEMORY”

April 12 Dance Concert

April 13 Spring Concert

May 23 Graduation

Also check out our many engagement opportunities for our alumni:

Third-Year Visits

The UWC-USA experience begins with two years of intensive academic, experiential, and residential learning opportunities. It is also preparatory for whatever our alumni do after they leave UWC-USA, including further education and a variety of career paths. It is our hope, too, that the two years our students spend at UWC-USA prepare them to be responsible global citizens who live the UWC mission in the wider world. We are committed to robust alumni engagement with UWC-USA after they leave, including visits to campus. Our policy requires that third-years request permission to visit before making firm plans. Please contact the Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving at to get permission to visit UWC-USA. Limit 6 people per visit. If you had a disciplinary violation as a second-year your visit may be denied. Please submit this form no later than 3 weeks prior to your visit.

The following dates are available for third-years to visit campus:

November 23, 2019 Cultural Showcase “COLOR”

November 27- Dec 1, 2019 Thanksgiving

February 20-23, 2020 Annual Conference

March 7, 2020 Cultural Showcase “MEMORY”

May 23, 2020 Graduation (day only)

"I’m proud that for many years that we have recruited refugee scholars and have been successful in supporting them to become advocates for peace and to become leaders in their own communities."

— Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, President of UWC