Alumni Events Around the World

Alumni events around the world

UWC-USA works with the UWC office in London to promote events around the world for UWC alumni. Alumni events are designed to promote the UWC mission, advance the work of the UWC schools and colleges, and provide opportunities for networking among UWCers. Alumni can find out about alumni events through the following communication channels:
  • The UWC monthly e-newsletter features information about events sponsored by the UWC office in London. Subscribe to the e-newsletter here.
  • The UWC-USA alumni e-newsletter features upcoming events of particular interest to UWC-USA alumni.
  • The UWC Hub provides current information on events and networking opportunities across the UWC movement. Contact to sign up for The UWC Hub.
  • We promote events on campus and around the world via our social media channels — particularly Facebook.

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