Planning Your Legacy

Planning Your Legacy

Learn more about ways a planned gift can benefit both you and UWC-USA. Every family has different financial concerns and your financial planner can help you determine which giving option matches your situation.

Below are the most common planned giving options. Please contact Chief Advancement Officer  Mark Hodde ( if you have any questions.

The simplest way to make a planned gift is to name UWC-USA as a beneficiary in your will. You can make a bequest of a dollar amount, a piece of property, a percentage of your estate, or a “residual” (what is left after making specific provisions for loved ones) Please review this document for language that can be used when writing a bequest: Sample_Language_for_Bequests

 Retirement funds are often taxable—whether to you or your heirs—when withdrawn. If you make a gift directly from your retirement fund, you can often avoid these taxes by taking an offsetting deduction for your charitable gift.

 Gifts that pay income are often favored by donors with appreciated assets such as a business, stocks, or real estate. These gifts can be structured to provide you and/or others with income, tax savings, and other benefits while leaving a lasting legacy for UWC-USA.

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