Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Alumni and friends who make planned gifts consistently refer to the UWC mission and impact the school has on students. While everyone’s financial concerns and priorities are different, they are united in their support of UWC-USA and enhancing the student experience.

Thomas Schwingeler '86

In crafting his will, Thomas Schwingeler '86 made sure his family would be taken care of, but he felt there was room for more beneficiaries. And so he decided to include UWC-USA. “Being away from home, on your own, in such a beautiful physical setting with people from different backgrounds and similar enthusiasm and interests was perfect,” he says about his UWC-USA days. “I feel those two years were the best years of my life.” Thomas credits UWC-USA with giving him the opportunities and experiences that have shaped his adult life. Indeed, the combination of fond memories and the lifelong impact of his UWC-USA experience were key factors in his decision to make a planned gift.

Cindy Buck Ewing

Photographer Cindy Buck Ewing was introduced to UWC-USA as a member of a team of women leaders who spent a week on campus as part of a Bartos Institute program. She supported the Montezuma Castle restoration and has now designated UWC-USA in her will. "I just felt at home here and the students are so dynamic and enthusiastic," she explained. "In my own way I've used my photography to connect people with each other and help them understand our shared experiences. UWC-USA does this so well and I'm very pleased to support the school."

"Now each conflict or piece of news from other parts of the world has a face and a story attached to it. The relationships I have formed on this campus are deeper than any I have had in my life. There is not only a closeness to individuals but a closeness to their culture and a greater understanding of the ideas and traditions in their home country."