Resources for Setting Up a Giving Page

Resources for Setting up a #GivingTuesday Fundraising Page

If you want some suggestions for setting up a #GivingTuesday fundraising page, here are some resources and strategies. 

You can set up a simple page on our online giving platform in less than five minutes. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Click on this link to get to our online platform
  • Click on the button “Become a Fundraiser” and complete the form
  • Personalize your page with a picture and a little bit of text
  • You’ll receive a link to your page and dedicated text message code to send to your friends and family

Resources and Strategies

A general rule of fundraising is to keep your message and your content simple and to speak from the heart. You’re launching a fundraising page for UWC-USA so you have strong, positive feelings about the school and the UWC mission. Make sure that comes across at every turn!

Other Resources

Some additional resources are available below – but don’t make this too complicated. It’s really about sharing your enthusiasm for the UWC mission with your friends.

"We are a learning and practicing community, embracing our shared responsibility for personal growth, constructive engagement, and leadership in service of the common good. By holding ourselves accountable to this approach, we bring to life Kurt Hahn’s insight: 'We are crew, not passengers, strengthened by acts of consequential service to others.'”