Important Dates


Important Dates

The following dates will help students and parents/guardians make travel plans. Please book flexible travel plans if you can and consider travel insurance.

2024/25 Academic Year

  • August 14: Arrival Day for Second Year Students
  • August 15-16: Arrival Days for First Year Students
  • August 28: First Day of Classes
  • October 12-19: Southwest Studies for First Years & Success Week for Second Years
  • November 28-29: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 18: Winter Break Begins
  • January 10-11: All Students Return to Campus
  • March 1-8: Project Week
  • May 22: Graduation Ceremony
  • May 22-23: Departure Days for Second Year Students
  • May 28-29: Departure Days for First Year Students

2025/26 Academic Year

  • TBD

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