Academics and Courses FAQs

Academics FAQs

The IB Diploma requires that all students take a Language A course and a Language B course, but English does not have to be one of them. However, it is strongly recommended that students take English as it broadens their university options and enriches their experience at UWC-USA where all subjects except for languages are taught in English.

Although some of the work in the classes may be the same, the approach to the courses is different, and in many cases will involve a deeper dive into the material, as it is taught over two years, and the non-exam components make the courses distinctive.

The IB allows students to take Standard Level subjects in one year, and at UWC-USA we allow students to take one anticipated subject if the teacher approves the recommendation. Our current students are prepared for one-year courses in school-supported self-taught (Mother tongue) language A; Spanish B; French B; Global Politics; and Math SL.

Yes. All UWC-USA students are Diploma candidates. The IB Diploma serves as the high school diploma here.