Admissions FAQs

Learn with us FAQs

UWCs use the term “college” in the British sense of “sixth-form college”—the final two years of secondary school. So UWCs are upper-level secondary schools. For some students, this means eleventh and twelfth grades, and for others it means the equivalent of twelfth and thirteenth grades.

In addition to the U.S. campus in New Mexico, there are UWCs in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Wales.

UWCs are two-year programs, and students are obligated to complete the entire two years. Students and families sign a commitment form prior to enrollment.

No. Students must stay at the UWC to which they were admitted for the full two years.

No; only semi-finalists and finalists are interviewed. During a typical year, 125 to 135 students are offered interviews. If a student declines the offer, he or she will not be considered for admission.

The first round of interviews takes place electronically in November and December. The second round takes place at the UWC-USA campus in Montezuma, New Mexico, the weekend of February 14, 2020. Financial assistance is available for students who need help to cover travel costs.

While the UWCs all have their own policies regarding textbooks and fees, at UWC-USA we do not charge for books. We have a lending library of textbooks and students are not charged for their use.