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UWC-USA President Featured on “Leading Boldly Into the Future” Podcast

UWC-USA president Victoria Mora was recently featured on a podcast hosted by Anne Pratt focused on global leadership. The podcast is available here.

“In a deeply polarized world, the quest for truth, reconciliation, and uniting humanity takes center stage. In this powerful episode, Anne Pratt engages in a heartfelt and authentic conversation with Dr. Victoria Mora, President of United World College U.S.A. and a member of the prestigious International Women’s Forum. The topic explores conflict resolution strategies and the importance of calling people in instead of calling them out. Dr. Mora discusses how the relationship between truth and reconciliation can reshape the course of history, and how ordinary individuals can bring about extraordinary change. Be inspired by her compelling insights on focusing attention and intentionality in this age of distraction. Learn how the call for unity, rather than division, can pave the way for healing and progress. Tune in now and emerge empowered and enlightened, ready to take your own thoughtful, bold actions towards shaping a better, more united future for all.”

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