The Nicest Place On Earth

Reader’s Digest recently ran a series about the nicest places in the United States. Bueno Para Todos, a farm collective in nearby Villanueva where our students work and spend weekends, was featured as a finalist.

“If you think you had it hard dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to find toilet paper and getting your family ready for time spent together in the house, imagine what it was like for people trapped in a foreign country, thousands of miles from home. That was the predicament facing Omobolanle Kafidipe, 18, of Nigeria. She was one of 230 students from 99 countries studying at United World College (UWC) in Montezuma, New Mexico, when the pandemic hit. ‘When that happened, we realized it wasn’t possible for us to get home,’ she told Reader’s Digest.”

Read more about Bueno Para Todos and UWC-USA here.

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