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Tez Steinberg: A Sustainability Champion

Tez Steinberg AD ‘06 is set to complete a remarkable feat: rowing 5000 miles from Hawaii to Australia on his own over four months. No stranger to adventure and activism, Tez has always been a person who takes action to solve problems. This desire to change the world for the better was one of the reasons Tez received a Davis Scholarship to attend the United World College in Italy, UWC Adriatic. Years later, Tez founded United World Challenge, a non-profit based on the UWC values of activism and sustainability.

In 2020, Tez successfully rowed 2700 miles solo from California to Hawaii and raised funds for scholarships for students to attend UWC-USA. His 5000 mile expedition from Hawaii to Australia will set a record for rowing and is a testament to his endurance and grit.

Tez’s transformative encounter with ocean plastic pollution during his California to Hawaii rowing expedition set up his new challenge: raising awareness and funds to fight plastics in our oceans and waters. In partnership with organizations like AG1, Ocean Conservation Network, and others, his subsequent 5,000-mile solo row from Hawaii to Australia has been a zero-waste endeavor focused on gathering essential data for ocean research. His dedication to merging adventure with environmental advocacy and sustainability underscores the significance of individual action in combating global challenges.

“The ocean plastic crisis is a monumental threat, not only to marine life, but to our entire world,” says Tez. “It feels insurmountable, but like I remind myself, one oar stroke doesn’t seem to make a difference, but two million strokes will take me across the Pacific. Consistent, tiny actions show that no ocean is too great to cross.”

You can learn more about Tez and United World Challenge here.

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