Steve Dichter

Steve Dichter: “These Kids Give Me Hope for the World”

After thirteen years serving as a member of UWC-USA’s board of trustees, Steve Dichter of Santa Fe, NM will retire from his service on the UWC-USA board. A business consultant with clients around the world, he has served as chair of UWC-USA’s board since 2014. Dichter earned the respect of the entire UWC-USA community as he led the school through leadership transitions and numerous external challenges. His leadership was marked by clear strategic thinking, cheerfulness to match a sharp wit, and dedication to the mission and students that drive the school. 

He is also known for a variety of aphorisms that helped shape conversations throughout his tenure as board chair. “No work wasted” and “We make our own luck” are two of “Dichter’s Dictums” that he routinely shared with new board members and the school’s leadership during meetings and trainings. Steve helped UWC-USA “make our own luck” through deep analysis, aligned strategy, and the ability to pivot quickly as opportunities and challenges arose. He led through challenging leadership transitions, a global pandemic, and fires that threatened the school. Through it all he kept his eye on what is possible for UWC-USA, recognizing the importance of the only U.S. campus of the United World College (with 18 campuses worldwide) being located right here in Northern New Mexico.

UWC-USA President Victoria J. Mora will miss his leadership, though the friendship will continue: “I can’t speak highly enough of Steve’s leadership. He saw the Board and the school through multiple challenges for more years than we should have asked of him. Through it all, he was a steady presence, gracious and tireless in his work on behalf of UWC-USA. For me, he has been a wonderful thought partner and support, reminding me always that by putting people and excellence first we ‘make our own luck.’ 

Steve’s generosity to the school–time, talent, and treasure–has been exemplary and I onced asked him why he did it. After all, he’s not an alum. He doesn’t live in Montezuma or Las Vegas. And he had a full time job that took him all over the globe while he was chair. Like the man and his leadership, his answer was understated and inspiring: ‘These kids give me hope for the world.’ Steve’s leadership demonstrated this hope at every turn. We are grateful to count him among our greatest contributors, and our most stalwart friends.” 

Aly Kassam-Remtulla ‘94 follows Steve in the role of board chair. He is the first alumnus of UWC-USA to serve in the role. A Rhodes Scholar, Aly earned his PhD from the University of Oxford. He is currently the vice provost for international affairs and operations at Princeton University.

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