Noted Activist Arjun Sethi Speaking on Campus

In the first Global Issues of the year on campus, lawyer and activist Arjun Sethi will speak on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 from the perspective of Sikh Americans.

“I knew within hours of the attack that the history of the United States would forever be changed, and my life in this country would forever be changed,” Sethi wrote recently. “Being a Sikh American, who can be readily identified by their articles of faith –my long hair and beard– I thought, would I be a target? Would members of my community be a target? Would my Muslim friends be a target, precisely because of what unfolded that day?”

In addition to speaking to students and faculty Friday evening, Sethi will meet with students and faculty involved in various Constructive Engagement of Conflict (CEC) programs on campus including the Amnesty International chapter and CEC student leaders.

Arjun Sethi is a community activist, civil rights lawyer, writer, and law professor based in Washington, DC. He works closely with Muslim, Arab, South Asian, and Sikh communities and advocates for racial justice, equity, and social change at the local and national levels. His writing has appeared in CNN Opinion, The Guardian, Politico magazine, USA Today, and the Washington Post, and he is featured regularly on national radio and television. He holds faculty appointments at Georgetown University Law Center and Vanderbilt University Law School, and presently co-chairs the American Bar Association’s National Committee on Homeland Security, Terrorism, and Treatment of Enemy Combatants. He is the editor of the book, American Hate: Survivors Speak Out.
While the UWC-USA campus community is 95% vaccinated, this event is not open to the public.

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