Katrin Scholz-Barth

Innovation and Sustainability: Katrin Scholz-Barth Joins UWC-USA

UWC-USA is pleased to announce that Katrin Scholz-Barth has joined UWC-USA to take our sustainability efforts to a new level of impact. The school’s strategic plan focuses on “innovating for impact” and Katrin brings deep experience in implementing innovative sustainability practices to organizations around the world.

Katrin’s mandate is to lead the campus to carbon neutrality, with an initial focus on four specific key areas: 

  • Energy: Transition to renewable energy sources on campus.
  • Transportation: Electrification of the fleet.
  • Food: Sourcing more local and seasonal food.
  • Carbon Offsets: Using the campus as a carbon sink to offset emissions.

“We’re thrilled that Katrin will be leading us to carbon neutrality by our 50th anniversary in 2032,” said UWC-USA President Victoria J Mora. “Katrin lives and breathes sustainability, modeling how knowledge can meet passion to address the toughest challenges we face as a global community. We couldn’t be more grateful to welcome her to our microcosm of the world right here in Montezuma.” 

“We already have all the solutions to achieve carbon neutrality. We can do it. We need to start; engage our students’ interests, passions and superpowers, harness energy, skills and joy to work toward specific climate solutions on campus right here in New Mexico,” said Katrin. “This will inspire our entire community to think innovatively in every field and prepare all of us for the work of our lifetime to protect our human and planetary health, support a flourishing local economy, and foster opportunities for wealth creation within our community.”

has lived around the world, including 20 years in the U.S. (Minneapolis, MN and Washington, DC). Most recently she spent the past 14 years in Doha, Qatar, in the Middle East where she helped develop the program-wide sustainability and innovation strategies for the 2022 FIFA (Soccer) World Cup in Qatar.

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