Amplifying Voices

Over the past four years, UWC has created a remarkably diverse board featuring leadership that spans continents. The thirteen member UWC International Board, which hires and supports the executive director and provides broad vision and guidance for the movement, is composed of more women than men and is chaired by Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, an activist, educational leader, entrepreneur,  and human rights advocate from Kenya. 

The vice-chair of the UWC International Board is our own Victoria Mora.

“I have the privilege to work with our international board chair, Musimbi Kanyoro, in service of her vision for full, inclusive partnership across the movement,” Victoria said. “Musimbi is an extraordinary leader. I’ve never worked with anyone quite like her. Her commitment to diversity and its power goes beyond rhetoric; she’s after the best by bringing out the best in all of us. I think we share that in common. We want as many voices as possible at the table, and we believe our direction and decisions will be better for it.”

As a movement that spans four continents, 18 schools, and over 150 National Committees, UWC provides a big tent for diverse opinions and perspectives in a truly global community. It’s a place for outstanding leaders with a commitment to diversity to put the tenets of the UWC mission into action. 

Musimbi contends that Victoria is one of those leaders. “Victoria is always ready to bring to the surface things that people are afraid to address,” Musimbi said. “She also amplifies voices of those who are by nature less aggressive and may be overlooked or their contributions appropriated by others.” She believes that this quality of amplifying the voices of others is what will help strengthen the entire UWC movement in the years ahead. 

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