Aly Kassam-Remtulla ‘94: Board Leadership

Aly Kassam-Remtulla ‘94 joined the UWC-USA board of trustees as board chair in 2022. Aly currently serves as Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations at Princeton University where he oversees global engagement efforts including international programs for faculty and staff. He also supports the 3,300 international scholars and students at Princeton.

A 1994 graduate of UWC-USA, Aly studied Anthropology, Biology, and Asian-American Studies at Stanford. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and subsequently earned his PhD at the University of Oxford. Aly brings a wealth of experience as a strategic leader to his new role at UWC-USA. 

“Serving as board chair is a way to give back to a school and to a movement that has had a profound impact on my life,” Aly said. “As the school marks 40 years of success, I am incredibly proud to be the first UWC-USA alumnus and first person of color to serve as board chair.”

Patty Milligan ‘86 taught English at UWC-USA when Aly was a student and she remembers his impact on the school community. “It doesn’t surprise me that Aly is a vice provost at Princeton or that he now chairs the UWC-USA board,” she said. “I saw him as someone whose view was focused on change, as well as on community benefit. He was very involved in campus life and in working to make things better both at the school and in the world beyond.” 

The past several years have challenged the school and leadership with the immediate concerns of the wildfires and pandemic. Going forward, the school’s strategic plan and a fundraising campaign will receive the attention they need and Aly is poised to serve the school well at this time. UWC-USA President Victoria Mora is eager to continue building the future of the school with Aly. “In our time working together, Aly has become a tremendous thought partner not only about our strategic challenges at UWC-USA, but our role within the larger movement. He has been a tremendous partner as we envision the future of the school.”

For his part, Aly is eager to build on the success of the school that he knows and loves. “I am deeply optimistic about our ability to navigate the future guided by our new strategic vision and am eager to explore how UWC-USA can continue to operate an inclusive and accessible school while achieving environmental, operational, and financial sustainability.”

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