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Women in Science ExEd Provides STEM Instruction and Role Models in Local Schools

The Women in Science program is one of seven ExEds (Experiential Education programs) engaged with local Las Vegas schools. The students in these ExEds work with over 500 young people every week and provide an important way for UWC-USA students to share language, culture, and skills with local children. 

It’s also an important part of the UWC mission and the students understand that responsibility.

Ayala Levi ’19, who hails from Israel, has been a key leader in one of these programs: Women in Science. One of the primary goals of the program is to build closer ties with the community of Las Vegas through empowering young women’s participation in STEM. The ExEd includes boys and girls alike, as the student leaders believe that fostering collaboration helps diminish obstacles mounted purely on the basis of gender prejudice.

Ayala feels that she is learning from the experience as well. “I’ve learned to use different methods of explanation along with being aware of when I need extra patience and when the students need more encouragement. Moreover, I’ve been reminded how important it is to dream and aspire every day.”

The biggest role for our students is mentoring,” says faculty advisor Leslie Miller. Ayala, for example, is working with students in a science class on projects in preparation for a science fair. “Our students also work with this class in other ways. They will be doing presentations centered around women in science and women in general.”

The Women in Science ExEd already has a number of first-year UWC-USA students engaged so the program will more easily be able to build on the foundation that Ayala and the other student leaders have established.


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