Maja Saveva '21

A Bat Made Our Year Fly Away Too Fast

When in March 2020 the school closed down, I was heartbroken, as were many of my co-years and second-years. I could have had more sleepovers. I could have gone to Las Vegas more often. I could have hung out with second-years more. I could have put in the effort to hang out with the people I wanted to get to know. I could have cooked in the day room more.

Could have. Could have wasn’t good enough for my idea of life.

The pandemic made every experience ten times harder than it would have been otherwise. I could only see the smile of my best friend through her eyes. I couldn’t hug the people I hadn’t seen for five months when I first saw them on the field. I could only stare out of my window during quarantine and hope that it will get better. But I knew one thing. When I heard that we had an ExEd requirement for May 2020, I thought it would be some simple project. What I didn’t know was it would become one the best realizations I have ever had.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today. And I had today. This year, I had so many todays I can’t even start to describe how grateful I am for them. The pandemic might not have been the easiest time for anyone, but it was a time for a challenge I didn’t know I needed.* Because of COVID, I made 7 new friends at the beginning of my second year, and can proudly say I have barely any moments I truly regret. COVID was hard from every aspect, from the uncomfortable and funny mask-line sunburns on my face, to the health risks of the campus and our families outside the campus. Yet, in spite of it, I am glad I learned that I want more out of my life than could have, I want today. The ExEd journey has definitely been one of the most important aspects to the revelation.

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