Dwan Event 2021

Celebrating 25 Years of the Dwan Light Sanctuary

UWC-USA hosted a small event at the Dwan Light Sanctuary recently  to honor Virginia Dwan for her vision and generosity on the 25th anniversary of the building.

The private event was held in the Light Sanctuary and was attended by Virginia Dwan, artist Charles Ross, architecht Laban Wingert, and former UWC-USA president Phil Geier. All four of the guests of honor played pivotal roles in making the Dwan Light Sanctuary a reality for the UWC-USA students and the entire community.

Dwan Event 2021
From left to right: Laban Wingert, Charles Ross, Virginia Dwan, and Phil Geier.

The building has been undergoing extensive renovations during the pandemic with work continuing on the roof, refinishing the doors, and some electrical improvements.

UWC-USA anticipates that the Dwan Light Sanctuary will again be open to the public in mid-November. The latest information about the status of the building is on the UWC-USA website.

UWC-USA’s African Chorus performed  “Ndikhokhele Bawo” during the celebration, surrounding the guests with a comforting blanket of sound. Sung in Xhosa, an official language of South Africa, the lyrics are based on the 23rd Psalm and speak of finding a haven of calm and safety in a dangerous world.


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