UWC Challenge

The UWC Challenge

Beginning December of 2019 Terence Steinberg (UWC of the Adriatic, 2006) is competing as a solo rower in the Atlantic Challenge, an unsupported 3,000-mile ocean rowing race from La Gomera, Spain to Antigua in the Caribbean.

It’s a challenge so daunting that more people have summit Everest or visited outer space than have rowed solo across any ocean. But the challenge pales in comparison to those we face in a world without peace.

That’s why Terence launched the United World Challenge. Working with a team of fellow UWC alumni, he’s dedicating the row to sharing UWC’s story and raising scholarship funds for new UWC students.

Every dollar of your contribution goes directly to the scholarship fund. Learn more at unitedworldchallenge.org.

"Now each conflict or piece of news from other parts of the world has a face and a story attached to it. The relationships I have formed on this campus are deeper than any I have had in my life. There is not only a closeness to individuals but a closeness to their culture and a greater understanding of the ideas and traditions in their home country."

— Andrea Parry ’19 – USA