United World Challenge

The United World Challenge

Beginning spring 2020 Tez Steinberg (UWC Adriatic ’06) will row 2,500 miles across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from San Francisco, California to Hawaii – a self supported journey that just seven people have completed before.

Called the United World Challenge, it’s a collaborative project by UWC alumni and friends to inspire a more courageous world and raise scholarships for new students to attend UWC.

Join our “crew” and make a gift to support our UWC scholarship fund today. Every dollar of your donation will go directly to sending young leaders to a UWC, focusing on students with passion for ocean conservation. Learn more at unitedworldchallenge.org and check out the United World Challenge Video.

“The greatest danger we face is not climate change, pollution, or any external threat – it’s the perception that our challenges are too daunting to solve. The world needs inspiration, a reason to believe more in ourselves and the opportunity for a better tomorrow. That’s why I launched the United World Challenge.”

Tez Steinberg, UWC Adriatic '06