GLF Curriculum

GLF Curriculum

Due to COVID-19 we have created a 5-week Global Leadership Forum Virtual Exchange on the Constructive Engagement of Conflict. This program is completely online and still connects youth from around the world. The application period is now over and the program has started. Email for any questions or inquiries.

— GLF Team

The GLF curriculum is centered on UWC-USA’s four signature programs – Arts & Culture, Wilderness, Constructive Engagement of Conflict, and Sustainability. GLF students will focus on the components of leadership and project development to create a community project action plan addressing a social justice challenge in their home communities. All activities deepen the students’ awareness of socio-political and competing world views. They learn to think, reflect, and build strong communities that support their action plans.

Program Components

 Project Development

Arrive with ideas to address social justice challenges that exist in your home community. Through design thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creativity, engage in activities that help create an action plan to improve or solve a challenge. Implement your plan upon returning home with support and follow-up from the GLF community.


Learn different leadership models and discern your leadership style in multiple settings. Put your leadership into practice in our wilderness expeditions, team activities, and community project development.


UWC-USA’s Signature Programs Integration

Constructive Engagement of Conflict

Equip yourself with theoretical and practical lenses to constructively engage with personal, interpersonal, and community level conflicts. Learn how to use non-violent communication to communicate effectively and productively on important issues. Leave with a clearer sense of identity, understand different styles of leadership, and conceptualize topics of race, class, and gender to understand how the intersectionality contributes to degrees of oppression throughout our diverse society.


Embark on a 3 day and 2 night wilderness adventure in the Pecos Wilderness in Northern New Mexico. Learn a sense of mutual accountability and respect, grow to love the majestic beauty of the New Mexican wilderness, and develop leadership skills. Leave the wilderness with increased confidence, grit, perseverance, and respect for nature and one another. Create deeper bonds and friendship while celebrating differences and embracing vulnerability.

Arts & Culture

Embrace the arts as a unique access point for a broader exploration of the role that culture plays in our lives and in the world, as well as an opportunity to communicate across barriers of language, politics, and divergent ways of learning. Learn how to use art as a form of social justice and appreciate the history of the first nation peoples in New Mexico. Leave with a greater respect, appreciation, and understanding for the arts and culture of Northern New Mexico and from around the world via international artist and witnessing indigenous celebrations.


Think about stewardship of the earth, environmental justice, and personal sustainability. Become self-aware of the injustice in the world around food access and equity. Appreciate a day of service on the UWC-USA farm and with a local environmental organization learning how food is processed and how to preserve and repair the environment. Leave with an understanding of the intersectionality of power and privilege with food and environmental justice. 

"I learned about tools for self reflection and project development, most of which were completely new to me. I also was exposed to new people and cultures, which taught me about connecting with people. I also was involved in controversial conversations and I learned how to use constructive communication in difficult situations."

— GLF 2018 Participant