Sample Day

Sample Day

Are you curious what a typical day looks like? While we are off campus for hikes and field trips throughout the three weeks, when we are on campus this is what we generally do:

6:30 A – Optional Morning Exercise

7:30 A – Breakfast

8:45 A – Forum

9:45 A –  Workshops

12:00 P – Lunch

1:15 P –  New Mexico True Time

3:15 P – Workshops

5:30 P – Solo Time

6:15 P – Dinner Debrief Groups

7:15 P – Flex Time

8:15 P – Evening Activity

10:30 P – Check

Activity Overview

Example 2019 Program Agenda

"Everything was extremely valuable to me, but out of all of it, growing my relationships with other people and communicating with the adults about how they got where they are was valuable to me personally, because I thought I had to take only one path, and they inspired me to believe that there are more options."

— GLF 2018 Participant