GLF Summer Staff

GLF summer staff

Do you have a passion for teaching? Do you believe in helping make the world a better place? Are you a great communicator and love the outdoors? Are you a UWC Alum and want to reconnect with The Movement? Apply today!

Thank you for your interest in being part of the 2019 GLF STAFF TEAM. Applications will open Wednesday January 2, 2019. Check back on our website as more information becomes available. Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates.

Contact for questions or inquiries.

Criteria to Apply to be an Instructor:

1. Be at least 21 years old by June 30, 2019

2. Be available for virtual meetings to help plan and contribute to the GLF curriculum between April 1st – June 29th

3. Be able to attend Staff training, the GLF program, and a post-GLF debrief session between June 19th – July 22nd

4. Be physically able to participate in 2-3 hikes & camp overnight in the wilderness

Instructor Application Process:

1. Complete an Instructor application form by 5:00 PM (MST) Friday, February 22nd, 2019.

2. Schedule an interview

3. Submit all requested documents

4. Receive notice if you’ve been offered an interview or not

5. Participate in a 30-45 minute interview with the GLF Director

6. If accepted, submit Health information & arrange travel

7. Arrive to New Mexico!

Click here to apply to be an Instructor.


Curriculum & Instruction Manager – Applications are now CLOSED

Volunteer Assistant Instructor – Applications are now CLOSED

Working with a Visa

If you are an individual that has a visa that allows you to work within the United States, and it is not tied to a specific employer, then the hired individual may receive compensation. GLF and UWC-USA would need a copy of your visa as proof on file. If you have a F-1 visa and a certification to work then you are likely to receive compensation. For more information about what visas can be accepted in order to receive compensation for work done then go to this U.S Department of State website. If you do not have a visa to work then you are allowed to apply for a tourist B-1/2 visa but only participate as a volunteer. Please contact the GLF Director at if you have additional questions about your work visa eligibility.

"We love this program, the global challenges it addresses and the insights, maturity and passion our children came away with about being strong females who want to change the world. It is a very encouraging program for youth today."

— GLF 2018 Parent