Cost, Dates, Ages, Location

Cost, Dates, Ages, Location

2019 Dates: 30 June – 20 July

Ages: 14 – 18

Application Fee: $50

*Program Tuition: $4,000 (limited financial aid available)

Location: Montezuma, New Mexico

Rolling applications will be accepted for all interested youth until May 31. They must meet the two criteria below. Click here for applications

1 – Currently are a US resident or have a valid US visa to enter the United States

2- Do not need financial aid

Application Process: 

1. Submit a GLF participant application*
2. Receive e-mail from GLF Director about GLF acceptance and / or interview request
3. If accepted, receive Acceptance Packet and officially register by May 31, 2019

*Accepted New Mexico residents receive an automatic discount of $1,500.

"This course changes people for the better, you can get a taste of what UWC is like and also what the world is like here."

— GLF 2018 Participant