Summer Courses

Summer courses

Summer Workshops are offered at the Albuquerque Marriott.

June 18 – 21/2020
ProgrammeCategoryWorkshop Title Language
DP1+2Economics – C1/2 English
DP2Language B (generic) – C2 English
DP1Mathematics: Analysis and approachesEnglish
DP1Mathematics: Applications and interpretationEnglish
DP1Visual Arts – C1 English
Continuum (PYP + MYP + DP + CP)3Approaches to teaching and learning for DP/CP classroom teachersEnglish
Continuum (PYP + MYP + DP + CP)3Learning diversity and inclusionEnglish
June 22 – 25
DP2Environmental Systems and Societies – C2 English
DP2Language B (generic) – C2 English
DP1+2Self Taught language A: LiteratureEnglish
DP2Mathematics: Analysis and approachesEnglish
DP2Mathematics: Applications and interpretationEnglish
DP1TOK – C1English
DP2Spanish BSpanish
DP2Visual Arts – C2 English
June 26 – 29
DP2Biology – C2 English
DP2History – C2 English
DP2English A: Literature (generic)English
DP2Language A: Language and Literature (Generic)  – C2 English
DP2Language B: Spanish – C2 Spanish
DP1+2Language Ab Initio (generic)English
DP1+2Business Management C2English
DP3Physics: A focus on IA C3English
DP2TOK – C2English
Continuum (PYP + MYP + DP + CP)3Bilingual and multilingual teaching and learning – Continuum (PYP + MYP + DP + CP) C3 
June 30 – July 3
DP3Biology: A focus on IA C3English
DP1+2Counseling – C1/2 English
DP1Music C1English
DP3Chemistry: A focus on IAEnglish
DP2English A: Literature – C2 English
DP1+2Language B: French – C1 /2French
DP1Language B: Spanish – C1 Spanish
DP1+2Social And Cultural Anthropology English
DP3The Role of the Supervisor in the EEEnglish
DP3Evaluating your DPEnglish
July 5 – 8
DP1Head of SchoolEnglish
DP1+2Psychology English
DP1+2CAS English
DP1+2Computer ScienceEnglish
DP2Leading the LearningEnglish
MYP2Leading the learning – MYP – Category 2English
PYP2Leading the learning – PYP – Category 2English
PYP1Head of SchoolEnglish
PYP2Evidencing Learning C2 PYPEnglish
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“What UWC-USA does for me every day as I continue doing anti-police activism, criminal justice reform, and anti-racist organizing, is help me envision what a liberated world could look like. It may have been a shock to move out into the “real world,” after graduation, but without UWC-USA I would never have such hope for a better one.”

— Mathew Freimuth ‘09

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