Summer 2022 Courses

Summer 2022 courses and dates

Summer 2022 Workshops are offered in person (Montezuma) or online (Virtual).

In person Workshops on our campus in Montezuma, New Mexico:

July 9 – 12/2022 – Montezuma

DP 1Biology English
DP 1Chemistry English
DP 1+2Environmental Systems and SocietiesEnglish 
DP 1HistoryEnglish
DP 2Mathematics: Applications and interpretation English
DP 2Mathematics: Analysis and ApproachesEnglish
DP 2PhysicsEnglish
DP 1Spanish BSpanish 
DP 1TOK English
DP1Head of School  English 
DP 1+2Visual ArtsEnglish
  Field Representative11
July 13 – 16/2022 – Montezuma   
DP2Biology English
DP 1+2ChemistryEnglish
DP 2History English 
DP 2Language A: Literature (generic)English
DP 1+2LibrariansEnglish
DP 1Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches English 
DP 1Mathematics: Applications and interpretationEnglish 
DP 1+2MusicEnglish 
DP2Spanish BSpanish
  Field Representative11
July 17 – 20/2022 – Montezuma   
DP 3Biology: Focus on IAEnglish
DP 3Chemistry: Focus on IAEnglish 
DP1+2Counseling English 
DP 1+2Economics English 
DP 1+2French BEnglish
DP 2Language A: Language and Literature (generic) English 
DP1+2Literature and Performance (SL) English 
DP 3Managing the Extended Essay English 
DP 3Physics: Focus on IAEnglish
DP 1+2Social and Cultural AnthropologyEnglish 
DP 1+2Language Ab initio (generic)English
  Field Representative11

Virtual Workshops offered online:

July 5 – 8/2022 – virtual   
programmecategorytitle language
IBEd3Approaches to LearningEnglish
IBEd3Approaches to TeachingEnglish
DP 1+2Business ManagementEnglish 
DP2Computer ScienceEnglish
DP/CP3Concepts and inquiry in the DP/CPEnglish
DP1+2Digital SocietyEnglish
DP 1+2Language B (generic)English 
PYP2Leading early yearsEnglish
DP 2Leading the learning English 
DP 3Role of the CoordinatorEnglish
July 21 -24/2022 – virtual    
programmecategorytitle language
IBEd3Beyond the disciplinesEnglish
DP 1Creativity Activity and ServiceEnglish
MYP2Leading the learning – MYP – Category 2English
PYP1Leading the learning – PYP – Category 1English
IBEd3Living and learning globallyEnglish
PYP2Making space for learningEnglish
DP3Planning for programme evaluationEnglish 
DP/CP3Supporting IB students in the university admissions processEnglish
PYP2Your exhibition – PYP – Category 2English



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“What UWC-USA does for me every day as I continue doing anti-police activism, criminal justice reform, and anti-racist organizing, is help me envision what a liberated world could look like. It may have been a shock to move out into the “real world,” after graduation, but without UWC-USA I would never have such hope for a better one.”

— Mathew Freimuth ‘09

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