Restorative Justice

Restorative justice

Taking responsibility for ourselves and our campus requires us to cultivate community.

Creating a new home at UWC-USA, we explore shared values and the habits of living together. How do we ask for what we need from our roommates, and respect their needs? What rules do we have, and why? How do we apologize thoughtfully, and heal the harm of mistakes or misjudgement? What does our community — and what do other communities — need to thrive? Restorative Justice circles at UWC-USA help us stay curious about difference, collaborate when problems arise, and gain understanding to help prevent problems going forward. We partner with adult and juvenile justice facilities and programs in the service of restoring community and creating change.

“What UWC-USA does for me every day as I continue doing anti-police activism, criminal justice reform, and anti-racist organizing, is help me envision what a liberated world could look like. It may have been a shock to move out into the “real world,” after graduation, but without UWC-USA I would never have such hope for a better one.”

— Mathew Freimuth ‘09