Advocate for Student Visas and Travel

Help us advocate for student visas and travel

UWC-USA is formally encouraging all members of our community who are U.S. residents to contact their representatives to advocate for the lifting of executive travel bans and the opening of U.S. consulates. While our students returning for their second year in Montezuma all have visas, our new cohort of students coming from other countries need to complete interviews and paperwork at a U.S. embassy or consulate. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, many U.S. consular offices around the world are closed. 

Please contact President Trump or your congressional representatives to encourage them to advocate on behalf of student travel to the United States.

UWCers are changemakers and their enthusiasm is contagious. If you are a U.S. resident and a friend of the school, we’ve gathered materials so you can easily engage with policymakers. Below you’ll find the following resources to help in your advocacy:

  • A sample letter to send to your representative or senator.
  • A sample script to use if you’d like to call your representative or senator.
  • A link to a resource to find the contact information for your representative or senator.
  • Further resources and information.

These materials may not completely reflect your point of view – please use them as a starting point or edit heavily.

If you can take ten minutes to personalize the letter, please do so. A civil tone is in keeping with the UWC mission and will have greater impact on the staffer who reads the letter. Managing constituent mailand concerns is fundamental to every Senate/House office. Be assured that your letter will be read – and you will likely receive a response.

Letter 1

Feel free to adapt the script to reflect your own experiences. If you have specific information about schools or colleges in your Senator’s/Representative’s district, all the better. 

Script 1

Use the following links to locate your federal elected officials. Reminder: Representatives respond to constituents’ concerns above all else. While you may want to contact a Senator from another state, he or she will likely not respond to your concern.

The following organizations advocate for international exchange and student travel:

NAFSA is an association of international educators and represents one of the largest advocacy organizations in the area of international student travel and education.

The Alliance for International Education advocates for funding for international education.

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