Beyond Borders

Beyond borders

UWC-USA students represent more than 94 countries — much more.

Our identities go beyond borders to the history of the places our parents and grandparents immigrated from and we are moving to. We come from places that cross cultures, watersheds, trade zones and nation states. At UWC-USA, we engage with the conflicts that emerge from specific places and legacies of colonization, war, and economic demands. Living close to the US-Mexico border and neighboring nineteen indigenous nations in New Mexico, students develop a sense of place shaped by geography, transition, and ancient cultural traditions. Through Global Issues presentations and Coffee Table discussions, Southwest Studies and Project Week trips, and workshops and speakers addressing civil conflicts, patterns of migration, and the politics of borders, students listen, learn and imagine together outside lines that may have been drawn to divide.

“[At UWC] I was invited to ask my own questions and to imagine my own answers for the first time.”

— Andrew Nalani ‘12, Doctoral Fellow in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development