Annual Conference

Annual Conference

We know that treaties, regulations, and personal choices will be important ways to address climate change and sustainability. But what role does technology play in this work? How can technology help us move forward toward a more sustainable planet? Consider joining the UWC-USA Annual Conference Greenovation:Sustainability and Technology next month.  This event is open to the public.

UWC-USA’s 2020 Youth Conference runs from 7 pm on Thursday, Feb. 20 to 3 pm Saturday, Feb. 22. 

Please read about the many sessions, workshops, and speakers in the conference schedule.

We welcome schools from around the region – or around the world – to join us for this year’s conference. The registration form is available here.

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Bios on this year’s speakers are below.

Joseph “Brophy” Toledo

JosephBrophy” Toledo has served the Pueblo of Jemez for more than four decades. He has worked with numerous indigenous youth groups, served on the Native American Global Sports Committee and been involved with international indigenous projects such as Pueblo Pathways Project. 

Brophy has traveled to Mexico, Canada and Africa as a First Nations representative for earth healing and environmental conferences. He has dedicated his life to harmony and balance with the earth and practicing traditional farming methods.

As a youth leadership specialist, Brophy teaches survival skills including toolmaking, firemaking, flint knapping, herbal medicines, building shelters and finding food. 


Ousseynou Doumbouya


Ousseynou Doumbouya ‘19 from Senegal is an economics major and a Spanish minor at Macalester College.



At Macalester, Ousseynou is an office assistant/tutor for the French and Francophone Studies Department. He is also a dancer and member of the Black Liberation Affairs Committee, Afrika Club and the Queer Union. 



Roy Montibon

Roy Montibon is a serial entrepreneur and leader in strategy, branding, creative direction, design and technology innovation. As a founder, corporate executive, elected representative, educator  with University of California Los Angeles, University of Calfornia Irvine and the United World College, Roy has initiated and led scores of major projects across dozens of disciplines including arts and culture, science and technology, eco-heritage tourism, art and antiquities provenance, cybersecurity, community revitalization, healthcare, disaster-proof housing and more.


A community activist, Roy is committed to ending the exploitation of people, cultures, wildlife and the environment, while bringing the good to life in communities everywhere.


Chris Palm


Chris Palm ’92 spends his rotations around the sun photographing trees and learning about the natural world we come from.

Chris grew up on a ranch very isolated and covered in aspen on the side of a mountain in Wyoming. Trees were some of his earliest and still are some of his best friends. It was with their suggestion that he should go out and explore this world before all life was lost with the hope that maybe he would be playing some small part in its preservation.




These all-knowing trees have sent him around the world. First to Singapore where he studied at Nanyang Technological University to attain his master’s in business administration and learn about the value game humans place on fiat money while he lived among the talking heads of commerce and trade.

In 2012 the trees were shouting loudly and Chris ventured back into to the forest to hear their call. He has been photographing the Choco for the past seven years telling tree stories and connecting with the consciousness that lies in this vast ancient anRopd biodiverse forest network of Ecuador.

His current project, TreeTalk 2.0 forest conversations, is an exploration of teleportation of consciousness to and from the forest. 

Andrea Pappajohn

Andrea Pappajohn is a sustainability professional based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She has been focused on running sustainability initiatives at San Mateo County and the City of Burlingame. Projects have covered everything from energy efficiency to transportation, renewable energy, sea-level rise adaptations, water conservation, EV charging stations, and electric bike fleets.

In addition, Andrea has worked with 23 school districts and 20 cities on energy efficiency. Her work has received statewide recognition as well as innovation awards.




Andrea has a master’s of arts in communications management from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s of science in industrial engineering & management sciences from Northwestern University.

She is married with three children. Her son, Aristotle Mutugi Marangu is a second-year at UWC-USA.




Yoshi Abayasekara

Yoshi Abayasekara is a dance educator, dancer and choreographer from Sri Lanka now based in Los Angeles.

She holds a bachelor’s of arts in dance from LASALLE College Of The Arts Singapore as well a post-graduate certification in education from the University of Nottingham.

Yoshi toured internationally and performed professionally with companies based in South East Asia before relocating to Los Angeles. She is the artistic director and producer of Sri Lanka’s Performing Arts Festival, which began as a project to help the war-affected children in her country.





As a teaching artist, Yoshi owned a dance school in Sri Lanka and Shanghai, taught at the American school in China, German European School in Singapore and held the head of dance position at United World College of South East Asia Singapore for four years until she moved to Los Angeles in June 2017. A former Latin American Dance Champion, Yoshi is passionate about teaching contemporary dance but also teaches Broadway jazz, hip hop and Indian classical. 



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