UWC-USA Board Passes Resolution Honoring Founding President Lockwood

UWC-USA passes resolution in memory of Ted Lockwood

The UWC-USA Board of Trustees during its Feb. 2 meeting adopted a resolution in memory of founding President Theodore “Ted” Lockwood.

President of UWC-USA from 1982-1993, Lockwood passed away on Jan. 21, 2019, at his home in Stowe, Vt. He was 94.

Trustee Melanie Weston ’86, who was a student during Lockwood’s tenure in Montezuma, remembered Lockwood as very calm and never raising his voice.

“He was very gracious and stopped you while he was walking to ask you how it was going,” Weston said.

Trustee Marisa Leon ’87 spoke about the matriculation tradition Lockwood started, which continues today.

“He had a matriculation dinner for first-years at his home,” Leon said. “We got to sit by the fire, and we signed a book.”

“He was always very gentle, even when students protested in front of his house,” Leon continued. “He always took it in stride.”

Trinity College’s 1948 valedictorian, Lockwood nearly 20 years later returned to his alma mater in Hartford, Conn., to serve as its president.

That’s when UWC-USA Board Member Ty Tingley got to know Lockwood.

“He was distinguished among small college presidents, and he was just always a presence. He was much loved. It was not surprising that he left Trinity and came here,” Tingley said.

UWC-USA Dean of Academics and history teacher Alexis Mamaux spoke about meeting Lockwood and his wife, Lu, for the first time when they were visiting the campus three years after Lockwood had left the presidency.

“There was a couple sitting outside my office, which is where students usually sit who are in trouble,” Mamaux said.

She and Lockwood got to talking, and when he told Mamaux he was in Italy when Dictator Benito Mussolini was killed in 1945, Mamaux immediately realized she was talking to Ted Lockwood.

“So I go to my class and told them the former head (of UWC-USA) was in Italy when Mussolini was shot,” she said. “Three days later, a student asked ‘is it true that Ted Lockwood killed Mussolini?’”

When UWC-USA Board Chairman Steve Dichter joined the board in 2008, he found the book Lockwood wrote about the founding UWC-USA and working on that undertaking with philanthropist Armand Hammer. Titled “Dreams & Promises: The Story of the Armand Hammer United World College,” the book focuses on the personalities involved, the international perspective and glimpses of all these people.

“Almost every page is underlined,” Dichter said. “All the issues we are facing today are right here (now) and it’s extremely well written.”

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