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Connecting: New Trails and Map on Campus

A new trail on campus has opened, said sustainability fellow Becky Fitzpatrick.

The trail connects Sheedy and Juniper trails and is still undergoing improvements.

The idea for the trail emerged last fall. “When I first got here, I was impressed how many (trails) there are, but there wasn’t a clear connection between the campus trails and the Dwan Light,” said Becky. “I wanted to make a connection because when I was walking the Dwan Light, I kept cutting through neighbors’ yards and was like, ‘There should be a trail here.’”

Work on the trail began in February with the trail ExEd crew. 

“I enjoyed the trail construction process, even though it was very challenging and exhausting,” said ExEd member Quinn Holden-Schrock ’21, USA-Fla. “I loved getting to know the people I was working with.”

Becky also had positive feedback about progress on the trail. “Work has gone on pretty well. It’s faster than expected,” she said. She would like the campus care crews to make more improvements to the trail and make it more sustainable.

“We can still put more finesse into it,” she said. “If it rained a lot on the trail, it would still get erosion in places where we don’t want it, and if you’re a biker and are trying to ride, there are still some places that are too soft for a bike ride.”

Becky also stressed the importance of people finding the trail on the new campus map.

For hikers, Becky sees the trail’s appeal of its usefulness for leisure and transportation.

“(The trail) makes the two trail systems on campus one without having to walk through neighborhoods or up and down Pine Forest Road,” she said. “It’s also really pretty. That area has been trimmed, and the ponderosas are big and spaced far apart.”

Quinn also saw the trail’s potential popularity in a positive light.

“I would use the trail in the future, and I think others will too if they hear about it,” she said.

This story originally appeared in s[our student newspaper, Castle On the Hill. It was originally written by Sophia Pavlenko ’21.

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