Advisors and Mentors

Advisors and mentors

While formal advising relationships exist between students and faculty, the informal opportunities to work together give students the chance to learn from faculty and residential life staff outside the classroom.



 Faculty invite students into their homes, they cook together, go on hikes on the weekend, and have the chance to learn from each other. While our faculty and staff serve as role models for students, the faculty routinely cite the long and powerful friendships with students and former students as the most satisfying part of their jobs. UWC-USA is not a big community–about 200 students and 50 or so adults–so there’s always someone watching out, there’s always someone helping out.


“At UWC-USA, I learned how to organize letter-writing drives, how to coordinate with other UWCs to create an international effort to support and have an alumnus released from prison, and how to start building an organization from the ground up.”

— Mathew Freimuth ‘09